Who is Tom Fallat?

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And why should I study at his friggin school?

What is the Seattle Audio School and why should I study there?

Why not study at a school like Full Sail, a college like the UW, a community college like Shoreline, the Arts Institute or another sort of school?

What kinds of courses does Seattle Audio School offer?

Students have said that the most expensive school in Florida costs 20K. This school says it will place you, but at times only 10% are placed. There are a number of such expensive, destination boutique schools. Colleges have some good programs and they are less expensive, but in some, classes are too large for effective teaching and budgets are too low to provide enough gear for everyone. Seattle audio school is enough gear for one, one at a time. with small classes. We encourage you to use your own gear and provide your own laptop so that when you are done with our course, you have already set up your own rig and are experienced in using it

What kinds of topics does Seattle Audio School cover?

We offer workshops for one evening, weekends, five day intensives, and a six month variably scheduled one-on-one intensive path.

Some topics are: careers in audio, sound and hearing, waves and acoustics, studio design, history of recording, analog vs digital, studio setup, microphones, microphone techniques, project planning, multi-tracking, Digital Audio Workstations, MIDI production, film scoring, recording for musicians, mixing, mastering, producing, formats and delivery, computer and game audio, music notation, small business skills and finance, business plans, intellectual property rights and royalties, and graphics, Mac computer skills for musicians, troubleshooting strategies, live sound mixing and recording.

Seattle audio school is a small scale Seattle school run by professionals where you can learn to enjoy the craft of audio recording, live sound and music production.  You don’t pay extra for fluff.  We are knowledgeable, experienced, congenial and affordable.