Audio Careers Caveats

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Can I work in Audio?

Some may wish to learn about audio recording and engineering to satisfy their curiosity, for a hobby, or to work on their own music.  Others may wish to make audio a career.  For those of you interested in an audio career, you should have no illusions.  This is a tough industry with no set career path.  Technology changes monthly, competition is high, clients have less money to spend, price pressure is downward and the entire industry is changing constantly.  It may be a constant battle to establish yourself and there is no one clear path to entry, but as many ways as there are individuals interested.

Although some schools may imply otherwise, merely attending an audio program and completing it does not guarantee you a job.  In the audio industry, no one really cares if you have a degree, a certificate, or where you went to school.  They will only care what you can do now, how pleasant it is to work with you and if you can get the job done well and on time.  People may even be put off by you or be amused if you make much of going to this or that school and send them a fancy resume nicely done as you learned to do in class, just like all the others students.

For these reasons, Seattle Audio School is not accredited and has no intention of becoming accredited.  We will teach you information and skills and discuss career options with tips for entry.  But we will offer no false guarantees.  We expect you to come up with your own plan that suits your desires and strengths before you finish our professional course and it will be your initiative and vision that ultimately sustains it. We will do our best to give you the tools to achieve your goals, with no starry-eyed promises.  We will be glad to write you recommendation letters, give you a certificate and connect you with people we know, if you wish.

Oh, and by the way recording and engineering can be a lot of fun.